What is the ‘Boards’ feature?

Boards help describe the progress of multiple OKRs and Initiatives without leaving the page. You can:

  • Read other teams’ Boards

  • Create Boards with OKRs from across the company

  • Group Boards in a folder by theme

  • Share Boards with individuals or everyone

How to access this feature

Log in to Just3Things and select ‘Boards’ from the header menu.

This page lists the folders you have access to. These folders contain Boards that you can read and share.

Only contributors are able to add Boards to a folder.

Creating a folder

On the Boards page, select ‘Add a folder’.

Give your folder a name and description so that others know what its contents will be about.

For example:

Sales Update

Boards on everything to do with sales progress and targets.

Now, set the folders privacy:

Private - only contributors can see this folder and read its contents.

Public - everyone with access to your company’s Just3Things account can see the folders and read its Boards.

A private folder can be made public later. A public folder can’t be made private.

Once public, all Boards in a private folder will become public.

Next, add contributors. Contributors can draft, publish, duplicate and delete Boards. They can also edit and delete the folder.

To save the folder, press ‘Add’. If you’d like to create a Board right away, press ‘Add and create a Board’.

Adding a Board

A Board must belong to a folder. To add a Board to a folder, you must be a contributor. There are two ways to find a folder you can contribute to:

Press ‘Add a Board’. Select a folder and press ‘Continue’ or ‘add a folder’.

If you can contribute to a folder, you can filter the Boards by selecting ‘All folders’ and changing it to ‘My Boards’. Once you have navigated to the folder, press ‘Add a Board’.

Note: If you already have a draft Board in the selected folder, you must delete it to create a new one

Add a name for your Board and then use the ➕ icon to add:

✍️ all the text areas you need

🎯 OKRs and Initiatives

❌ Space to divide up your Board

You can hover over a component to reorder items or delete them.

Drafts are automatically saved.

Searching for an OKR or Initiative

To add an OKR or Initiative to your Board, select the ‘➕’ icon and then ‘Add OKR’.

You can either search for the OKR or initiative’s name by typing in the text box or select a person or team from the drop-down menus to view theirs.

Combine them all to narrow down your results further.

For example, searching ‘the’, and filtering by ‘Hazel Jones’ and the ‘HR Team’, will bring back all of the OKRs or Initiatives with ‘the’ in the name that both Hazel and the HR Team are a member of. If any of the three things searched are not present, the OKR or Initiative will not be displayed.

Previewing your Board

To see what your Board will look like before you hit ‘Publish’, press ‘Preview’ in the top right corner.

Saving and returning to your draft Board

Draft Boards automatically save and you can leave and return to them later.

To do so, navigate back to the folder you started writing your Board in and select the draft to continue editing it.

Note: You can only have one draft Board in a folder at a time.

Publishing your Board

Only you will be able to see and edit your draft until you choose to publish it.

Once published, the Board will become visible to all of the folders contributors if private. If public, everyone on your company’s Just3Things account will be able to read it.

Press ‘Publish’ in the top right corner when you are ready.

Confirm or edit the Board’s name.

Now, select what you’d like the OKR progress in the Board to default to:

Historic - stored when you publish the Board

Live - always up-to-date.

Anyone can switch between ‘historic’ and ‘live’ when viewing the Board once it is published, but it will default to the option selected here.

Once happy, press ‘Publish’.

Viewing a Board

There are several ways to navigate to a Board:

Select a folder and then a Board it contains

Ask someone to share a link to a specific Board with you

Or, ‘add’ your own - once you press publish, you will be taken to view it.

On this page, you will view the contents of this Board, who wrote it, and when it was published. You can also switch between ‘historic’ and ‘live’ viewing modes, share the Board and navigate to any other Boards in the folder.

If you are a folder contributor, you will also have the option to ‘duplicate’ or ‘delete’ the Board.

Switching between ‘historic’ and ‘live’ view

This allows you to see what the OKRs and Initiatives looked like when the Board was published (historic) and what they currently look like (today).

Use the switch at the top of the Board to change this.

Sharing a Board

To share a Board, navigate to a Board and press ‘Options’ and then ‘Share’.

This will generate a link for you to copy and share with others.

Only those with access to your company’s J3T account and the folder will be able to view the Board. If private, you can edit the folder to add someone as a contributor or make the folder public to share the Board with a wider audience.

Changing the privacy of a folder

Navigate to the folder you wish to change the privacy of. Select ‘Options’ and then ‘Edit’. Here you can make a private folder public using the switch.

You can not make a public folder private.

If you only want to allow a few people to view your folder, add them as contributors, whilst keeping the folder set to private.

Duplicating a Board

If you’d like to update a Board, you can press ‘Duplicate’. This will create a draft Board, containing all of the data you added to the original Board.

*TIP* Use this as a way to edit your original Board. ‘Duplicate’ the original, edit it, publish and then delete the original.

If you already have a draft, you will not see the ‘Duplicate’ option. You must delete your draft in order to add a new one via ‘Duplicate’.

To duplicate a Board, you must be a contributor to the folder containing the Board you wish to duplicate.

Deleting a Board

Navigate to the Board you wish to delete and open the ‘Options’ menu. Press ‘Delete’, and then confirm you wish to delete this Board. This will not be retrievable once deleted.

Editing a folder

Navigate to the folder you wish to edit and open the ‘Options’ menu. Select ‘Edit’, make your changes and then press ‘Update’.

Deleting a folder

Navigate to the folder you wish to delete and open the ‘Options’ menu. Select ‘Delete’, and then confirm you wish to delete this folder. This will not be retrievable once deleted.

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