You can update your personal information by visiting your profile page and editing your profile.

First, visit your profile page by clicking on the 'Profile' button in the navigation bar. From there, click 'Options' and click 'Edit Profile':

You will now see your settings page:

We'll discuss the purpose of each of the editable fields, as follows:

Job Title - Your current job title.

Profile Description - Use this field to add some personal information about yourself. This is particular useful for describing what your job involves and your areas of focus.

Line Manager - This is typically your direct superior, but may also represent the superior you report to on a particular project or area of your business.

Direct Reports - You can set up your direct reports here. Simply search for and select any colleagues that should report to you.

Member of teams - You can add yourself to any teams by searching for and selecting them in this field. (Please note: if you should be the leader of that team, you will need to edit the team itself and add yourself to the designated Team Leader field.)

Once you are finished updating your personal details, click 'Update Profile' to save your profile and return to your profile page, or scroll down to set up your integrations.

Need some help?

If you have any questions or need further guidance around this topic, feel free to contact your J3T representative by clicking on the blue speech bubble icon to the bottom right of the page and initiating a conversation like this:

Or alternatively you can also send an email to ''.

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