You can set up a department or network of teams by updating the 'Which teams support this team?' field either during the team creation process, or by editing an existing team.

This is useful if you want to accurately portray how your organisation's structure is set up. In the following example, we'll show you how to update a team to show which teams are meant to report to it. In this case, we'll be updating a fictitious 'Commercial' Team to show that the Sales and Marketing teams report to it.

You can see how in the team network view, the Sales and Marketing teams are currently not showing as reporting to any teams:

To update the structure, you would need to visit the 'parent' team - in the case of our example, the 'Commercial' team - and edit the team's details via the Options menu:

Under the heading 'Which teams support this team?' type in the name of the teams you want to show as reporting to this team. Once you've added the relevant teams, click 'Save' to update the team details and be taken back to the team page:

As you can see from the Commercial team page, it now lists the Sales and Marketing teams below:

And if you visit the Team Network View, you can see the Sales and Marketing teams report to the Commercial team:

Using this method, you can repeat the process to set up your organisation's structure with its various departments and subordinate teams, as needed.

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