The Team Network View is a great way to see how the various teams in your organisation are structured and linked together. It's also very useful for finding out more information about teams at-a-glance. Using the team network view, you can:

  • View the entire structure of your organisation

  • View the team members and mission of each team.

  • View a list of all of the teams in your organisation, including any you're a member of.

  • Add new teams as required.

To access your Team Network View, click on the button at the top of the screen that says 'Teams':

From here, you can hover over any teams in the main network graph to see team details in the left hand menu. You can also click on the team name in this left hand menu to visit that team's page:

You have a number of options to make it easier to navigate and view teams and individuals within your organisation on the left. We'll go through each feature as follows:

  1. Search field - Search for a team or individual.

  2. 'My Teams' - highlight any teams you are a member of within the network view.

  3. 'Primary Team' - see who the primary team in your organisation is. This is typically the Senior Leadership team.

  4. Team Preview - Click on a team to see the team name, their mission statement and team members here.

  5. 'Add a Team' - Add a new team here.

  6. 'Teams Directory' - View a full list of all teams in your organisation, along with a list of any teams you are a member of.

This concludes our overview of the team network viewer. For further reading, take a look at our article on how to create teams and how to modify them to learn how to set up your own team structure.

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