In some circumstances, you may be faced with a situation where a Key Result needs to be moved to a different Objective. You don't need to delete the Key Result and recreate it; instead you can simply move it to the correct Objective following these steps.

Please note: You must either be an administrator or a member of the Key Result you want to modify.

First, navigate to the Key Result, click on the 'Options' button to the right of the Key Result in question, and click 'Change Parent Objective':

This will open up a side menu. In the side menu, scroll through the list of available objectives to find the one you want to move the Key Result to. Click on it, and click on the blue 'Move to this Objective' button at the bottom:

Once completed, you can look at the top left of the Key Result window to see that it is now part of the correct Objective.

This concludes how to move a Key Result to a different Objective.

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