What are Strategies?

Strategies are the long-term master plan set by the organisation and aligned to the vision. They can be specific to Teams or apply to the overall Company, and typically run for 1-3 years. They’re important to get right as they help people understand why they are working on the things they are working on.

Can OKRs align to more than 1 strategy?

Yes, OKRs can be aligned to more than one strategy. You’ll see your OKR under every strategy you align it to.

Who can create a Strategy?

You can read more about how to create strategies here. Please keep in mind that only account admins can create strategies. If you're unsure of who this might be, please contact your J3T representative.

How can I align a strategy with an OKR?

You can align a strategy with an OKR when you create the Objective. This will inherit down through the Objective’s Key Results and Initiatives. Read our guide to creating Objectives here.

How can I edit the strategic alignment of an OKR?

Account administrators, team leaders and the leader of the Objective can change the alignment of the OKR by editing the objective. Read more about that here.

I've created a strategy but I can't see it?

Before your strategy will become visible, you'll need to align an objective to the strategy. Read more about that here.

I've aligned my objective to my strategy but it doesn't appear on the Organisation / Company page?

If your strategy should appear on the Organisation / Company page, you'll need to make sure your Objective has the 'Is this a Company OKR?' option set to 'Yes'. You can locate this option by editing the Objective and looking for this button:

Need some help?

If you have any questions or need further guidance around this topic, feel free to contact your J3T representative by clicking on the blue speech bubble icon to the bottom right of the page and initiating a conversation like this:

Or alternatively you can also send an email to 'support@just3things.com'.

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