In order to record and measure progress against your OKRIs, you need to ensure you're regularly updating them. This is accomplished by completing a 'check in'. In this article, we'll cover how to check in on each goal type.

How to Check In on your Objective:

First, locate the Objective you want to check in on. To the right of the Objective, just next to the button labelled 'Options', there is a button labelled 'Check In'. Click on it:

You will then be presented with a check in window where you can add a comment, specify the RAG status of the Objective and backdate the check in if necessary:

How to Check In on your Key Result:

First, locate your Key Result. You can visit your profile page as outlined earlier or search for it in the search bar. Once you locate it, look for the 'Check in' button and click on it to check-in on the Key Result:

As you can see, the Key Result check in window looks a little different:

You can still add a comment and backdate this, but instead of specifying a RAG colour, you need to add an update figure which will then determine the RAG status based on how close you are to achieving your target value and how long you have left to reach it.

How to Check In on your Initiative:

To Check In on your Initiative, you'll first need to locate it. Initiatives can't be found directly under your Profile page at this time, so you'll need to either search for it using the search bar, or locate the Key Result via your Profile page and then expand the Key Result to see its initiatives beneath it:

For initiatives, you can indicate its percentage completed, add a comment, specify its current RAG status and backdate this as needed:

Checking In from a single page:

If you are the owner of the same Objective its Key Result and any supporting Initiatives, you don't need to visit each page individually to check in. Instead, simply visit the parent Objective where you can check-in against each goal from the same page:

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