In order to help automate and simplify the process of checking in on your Key Results, you can link your key results to a google sheet. Whenever you update the figure in this google sheet, it will automatically check-in against your Key Result. 

Please note: You must be logged in to J3T with a Google authenticated account. If this is the first time engaging in this process, you'll be asked to give Just3Things permission to access your Google account. You need to allow this to enable this process.

To begin, visit your Key Result and scroll down the page and select the 'Automations' tab. Click on the button that says 'Automate Check-ins' and click on the 'Set up' button next to the Google Sheets option:

Next, click on the button that says 'Select Sheet'. Look for the sheet you want to link your key result to from the list and click on it to select it. Scroll to the bottom of the page (This may be very long if you have a lot of Google sheets.) and click 'Select Sheet' to confirm your choice. Next, specify the cell you want the automation to check when updating your key result and click 'Create Automation'.

Your automation should now be set up. To test that its working, click on 'Check In' and wait to see if the value picks up the value from your spreadsheet:

If the figure updates to reflect what is located in the cell in your spreadsheet, you have successfully set up your Google Sheets automation.

Need more help?

If you have any questions or need further guidance around this topic, feel free to contact your J3T representative by clicking on the blue speech bubble icon to the bottom right of the page and initiating a conversation like this:

Or alternatively you can also send an email to ''. 

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