Before beginning, the Microsoft Office 365 Excel integration should be enabled for your Just3Things account. Please see this article on enabling the integration for more information.

You will need:

  • Your login details for your employer’s Microsoft 365 account. If you don’t know this, get in touch with your system admin.

  • The name of the Excel 365 Workbook that you'd like to link to. If you don't know this, try accessing the Excel 365 document from your work computer.

Once you have this information, access the Key Result you’d like to automate. Click on the 'Automations' tab, click 'Add Automation' and then click 'Set Up' next to the

Microsoft Office 365 Excel option:

A new page will load with an option for you to sign in to your Microsoft 365 account. This will direct you to Microsoft’s login process, and redirect you back to Just3Things once you have successfully logged in:

You will then be able to choose which workbook you’d like to access. Choose from the list, or search for your workbook. You can then choose which sheet in the workbook the data you want is in, and enter the specific cell. Select the ‘Next’ button to continue. 

If you’ve added a workbook within the last few minutes, there can sometimes be delays getting this information from Microsoft. Please make sure a few hours have passed before trying again. 

Confirm the workbook, sheet, and cell number are correct, and press ‘Done’.

Once complete, you can view and modify your integration any time by clicking on the 'Integrations' tab within your Key Result.

Need more help?

If you have any questions or need further guidance around this topic, feel free to contact your J3T representative by clicking on the blue speech bubble icon to the bottom right of the page and initiating a conversation like this:

Or alternatively you can also send an email to ''.

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