In Just3Things it's easy to create a team report to showcase the progress your team has accomplished so far towards your objectives. In this guide we'll explain how to create a team report for your prioritised goals.

First, visit your team, click 'Options' and then click 'Create a new Team Report':

Next, click on 'Configure Report'. From here, you can add as many OKRs as you need to report on by selecting them from the drop down and adding additional slots by clicking 'Add another objective'. To report on any Key Results belonging to the objective, remember to click on the check box below the Objective to select them. When you've selected the OKRs you want to report on, click 'Create this report' to begin editing the report:

Next, you can add any supporting comments under the objectives you've selected. You can then choose to leave the report in draft mode if you want to come back to it (or if someone else needs to add their own updates.) or publish the report to finish creating it. You can also click on 'Configure report' if you need to add/remove any OKRs:

After publishing your report, you'll be able to view it and any previous reports from the comments section within the team page, just to the bottom:

This concludes team report creation in Just3Things. Give it a try and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Need some help?

If you have any questions or need further guidance around this topic, feel free to contact your J3T representative by clicking on the blue speech bubble icon to the bottom right of the page and initiating a conversation like this:

Or alternatively you can also send an email to ''. 

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