Alignment - Goal alignment in Just3Things is the process by which goals are aligned to your Strategies. It helps add this context by showing how an objective fits into the bigger picture.

Boards - Boards are collaborative spaces within Just3Things. Think of them like pinning boards where you can pull in and save goals from anywhere in your business, as well as add images and commentary. You could use boards to keep tabs on goals you care about, create reports or management summaries and even run your 1:1s with team members.

Cross-Functional Team - A cross-functional team is a group of people with different functional expertise working towards a common goal. It may include people from all over your organisation and leadership structure.

Following - In Just3Things you can choose to follow a goal or team. This is useful if you need to keep an eye on a goal or team.

Goal - In the most general sense, a goal describes what an organisation or an individual expects to accomplish over a specific period of time. Goals in Just3Things can be demonstrated in the form of an Objective and their success is measured using Key Results.

Goal Page - The new goal page now presents objectives, key results, initiatives and integrations in he same place. Updates also show in chronological order giving a nice audit trail of goals.

Initiatives - Initiatives are designed to act like large tasks or experiments. They are created under Key Results and are the 'how' to The idea is to try out a few approaches to solving the problem presented by the objective or key result

Key Result - Key results are used to measure progress against an objective. Key results need to be measurable and are often quantitative.

Objective - An ‘Objective’ is an aspirational statement of intent, and uses measurable key results to define success. Objectives and their related key results can all be owned by different people and/or teams.

Pages - Pages live inside boards. Pages are individual reports that live inside boards. For example, you could have a Marketing 'Board' which has several pages for each month - January marketing update, February update etc.

Prioritisation - In Just3Things, you have the ability to prioritise 3 OKRs as an individual, team and organisation by clicking on the three dots next to the title of the OKR you want to prioritise, and clicking 'Make a priority' from the dropdown menu.

RAG Status - RAG stands for ‘Red’, ‘Amber’, ‘Green’. It's also known as the traffic light system. In Just3Things, Red signifies that a goal is not on course, Amber signifies that it's close but not quite there, and Green signifies that the goal is ahead of target.

Side Nav - Side nav, or side navigation is the navigation panel on the left hand side of Just3Things that can be used to move around the app.

Strategy - Strategies are the high level long term objectives of the organisation and can be seen on your organisation page when you first log in. These are not goals or OKRs in and of themselves; rather, they are strategic headers that allow leaders to organise company-level objectives when considering the business' long-term strategies.

Tasks - Tasks are just that, individual daily tasks or one off tasks that can help you move towards the success of initiatives or key results.

Team - A team is a group of people that work together to achieve or accomplish an objective or goal.

Team of Teams - A ‘team of teams’ is a team that has several smaller teams working within it to achieve an objective or work towards a common goal. In essence, a department might be seen as a team of teams, though this is based on more conventional hierarchical structures within an organisation.


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