In order to promote transparency and make sense of how a goal fits into the broader context of workstreams across your organisation, it is necessary to align your goal to another goal. This alignment makes clear to both you and the rest of your organisation how your goal contributes towards the achievement of one of the company’s Strategic Pillars. 

Before we begin, there are some caveats:

  • You cannot align a goal to more than one goal.

  • You cannot align a key result to a goal if its already the key result of another goal. 

We'll now take you through the process of aligning your goal to another goal.

To begin, go to the goal you’d like to align, click options and click ‘Change Alignment’ from the dropdown menu:

In the search field option, search for the goal you want to align to and select it from the search results. Click ‘Align Goal’ to confirm your selection:

Your goal should now be aligned to the desired goal. You can see which goal you have aligned to at a glance by looking at the alignment in the goal card, or by going to your Organisation's Objective Explorer.

This concludes Goal to Goal alignment. 

Need some more help?

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