In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to align your high level Objectives to your Strategies. This alignment is aimed at aligning the highest level Objectives to your company strategies, and this is typically something that would be carried out at the request of a senior member of staff.

(Please note: to align an Objective to a Strategy, you must be an Administrator, a team leader or the Objective leader.)

To begin, visit the objective you wish to edit and click on the Options button. From the menu, select 'Edit Details':

From this menu, you can now choose which Strategy this Objective supports, and whether or not the Objective should appear on your main Company page. First, to display it on the company page, scroll to the heading that says 'Is this a company OKR?' and switch this to 'Yes'.

Next, select which strategy this Objective supports by clicking on the field below 'What long-term outcome(s) does this support?' and choosing from the list that appears. Click on the strategy or strategies your objective contributes towards, and click on the blue button to confirm your changes:

When you visit your Organisation page, you'll now see your Objective under the desired Strategy:

This concludes goal to strategy alignment 

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